TitleOccupy Junior High movement2017-07-06 12:11
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Hi, this is JinWoo, your web admin for ArizonaSDA.com

I am going to serve as a substitute teacher for our junior high students, Connie, Bella, Minji, Andrew, Paul, Issac, Joshua, Jaden, Tobius, Jinyoung, Jinsol, did I miss anyone?

My primary desire is to help young church family members come to know Jesus as their Savior and Friend. And my second desire is to get to know them personally. How can I reach out our children effectively?

Well, as you may know, I live 100 miles south of Pheonix, in Tucson. Although I attend the church regularly and almost literally every Sabbath, it is impossible to reach out to them on weekdays.

Therefore, I come up with a plan to build an on-line network at ArizonaSDA.com. I sincerely hope that this website will be able to serve our young minds through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here I decide to call it "Occupy Junior High movement" to open up our hearts and lift them higher to the grace of our Savior. Please come and join as a member to the EM bulletin board now. Welcome to Occupy Junior High movement!

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