TitleVBS Solar Camp Day 1 Highlights2018-06-23 23:50
Writer Level 10

Day 1 of VBS Solar Camp focuses on building solar racing cars. STEM kits have been pre-ordered by most of families so 10 extra kits covered a couple unprepared kids. 2017 Racing the Sun champion solar go-kart was displayed before the Solar Camp. We saw a lot of attention from the kids and they looked very excited. After opening theme songs and enlightening message at the chapel, kids moved out to the classroom and started building their solar racing cars. It was fantastically chaotic but that was OK. Most families finished building the solar racing cars in 1.5 hour or so. Lessons learned is to connect three black and red wires from solar cell, battery, and RC receiver all together. The other two color wires (green and yellow) go to the motor. Firing a shrink tube by torch lighter was fun! When we tried to test the solar racing car finally, we ran short of batteries. A pair of AA size rechargeable batteries (or just normal batteries) should go to the solar racing car and the other pair of normal batteries go to the RC transmitter. We shared them back and forth so everyone was able to test their solar racing cars, either ready to go or non-functional. Even if it did not work, no one complained or cried - which will be resolved at home before the racing competition later. Next Sabbath at 6/30 2pm, we will meet up for the racing competition so everyone is encauraged to square it up, paint the body, and take a picture of holding a solar racing car in hand. Photo award will be distributed to EVERYONE who uploaded pictures on this message board at church website! Speed champion award and one on one dual match winner awards will be given as well as design awards. I will make sure EVERYONE takes at least one prize at the racing competion event. Solar smoothie will be provided to everybody watching the solar car racing competition on 6/30. Happy Sabbath! 

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