TitleSolar Camping Car2018-06-22 20:39
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What if... we can fly, what if we go place where we never have been? Such imagination makes us happy because we know it is impossible. But what if we can make it happen? We built airplane and we use electricity and now we are using wireless internet. Now everything is possible. 

Solar camping car may not be a breakthrough idea but something that we can dream. High speed air drag is huge problem so everything has to be firmly tied down. Special feature of this solar camping car is in the azimuthal angle tilting capability. After parking toward the south at the camp site, each 100 W mono-Si panel can be tilted toward the sun so maximum power can be generated. It is enough to keep the freezer on anywhere in Arizona. While driving, solar panels lay flat and they make no whistle even at 70mph. Of course they generate electricity even when driving. If you are interested in transforming your car into the solar camping car, please contact your solar guy-

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