TitlePhotogenic Award2018-06-19 12:05
Writer Level 10

Customized Lady with Wings Trophy

Here I confess my little secret. I LOVE trophy, especially a wing lady trophy! But I have never had a chance to win it because I was not such a good athlete. Anyway it was my childhood dream.

Solar camp (6/23 & 6/30 2-5pm) will host a solar racing car competition and the winner will get a golden trophy (not a wing lady because it's not popular any more). Everyone deserves a prize so I created a beautiful design award and a most photogenic picture award (holding their solar racing car) as well as a golden trophy for high speed winner.

As an event kick-starter, I am going to bring a solar go-kart and give everyone a chance to ride - maybe parade for the racing car winner! It's definitely an outdoor activity so I am going to prepare popsicles and cold waters using the electricity generated by solar panels. It will be the most fun event ever! Please encourage your kids and yourself to participate and enjoy this exiting outreach event at the church!

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