TitleSolar Racing Car Shortage2018-06-01 08:42
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Amazon is the number one company in the online retail market and CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world. That doesn't mean Amazon is perfect in logistics.

VBS solar camp runs on Amazon's solar racing car kit ($13.99) and here is a link:




Long story short, you should order it directly from Amazon because only 1 kit is available to order. We need at least 30 kits for VBS solar camp but I have 10 kits so far. Now I propose everyone go on Amazon website and order their own kit before VBS solar. I think we need to save the 10 kits for the late registration. Please pass this information to other families and buy the solar racing car kit until Amazon runs out of stock. Hopefully no kids are left behind without having a chance to build a solar racing car and participate the solar racing car event.



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