TitleVBS solar camp on 6/23 and 6/30, for ages 4-11, starting at 2 pm after potluck2018-05-29 11:58
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1st VBS solar camp will begin on 6/23 and 6/30, starting at 2 pm after potluck. The 1st VBS solar camp is ideal for ages 4-11. Registration fee is $20 per each kid who wants to build their own solar racing car on 6/23 and participate in solar racing event on 6/30.

VBS solar camp will be project based drop-in sessions. Project themes will include solar car racing (6/23 and 6/30), solar science station, solar camping car and solar Tesla skateboard projects. Children can drop in each project every Sabbath afternoon. It will be a fantastic science and engineering experience for our kids. More details will be announced via http://www.arizonaSDA.com/VBS2018 website. Please send your kids to the VBS solar camp.

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