TitleLunar Eclipse at 1/31/182018-01-31 12:37
Writer Level 10

Once in a while, there is a celestial event like meteor shower, solar eclipse, or lunar eclipse. It makes us at awe to realize our being on Earth. Moon orbits around the Earth and the Earth rotates around the Sun. It is not surprising to see the solar or lunar eclipse as they are lined up at the same 2-dimensional space. What makes us wonder about such geometrical coincidence is that we live on Earth without realizing it. Of course, we can predict when it happens and we share the information in the name of science.

Yesterday Avery brought home her school assignment, which says "Watch Lunar Eclipse at 6-7am." She was exited about watching the red moon. Early in the morning I took her out to the back yard and she took a picture of the Moon. Actually it was memorable not because of the lunar eclipse itself but the having a quality family time. Let's go out and watch the night sky. There are lots of stars and much more fun that we can share together.        

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