TitleVBS summer camp2018-04-16 01:45
Writer Level 10

 2017 summer was special because of the Compass missionaries. My daughters enjoyed Korean language school as participants and volunteers. 4 hr commute from Tucson was not a problem because they were happy to be with their friends at church. 

2018 summer needs a miracle again. We want our kids to enjoy the summer in the gospel. 

Now I would like to propose the VBS summer camp for the church: Sabbath solar camp. It will be project based drop-in sessions. A couple themes will include solar car race, solar tracking weather station, and solar scooter cart projects. Children can drop in each project every Sabbath afternoon. It will be a fantastic science and engineering experience for our kids. More details will be announced before the summer vacation starts. Please send your kids to the Sabbath solar camp. Thanks. 


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