TitleReturn of the prodigal son2017-07-27 09:38
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Painting of Rembrant 1669, image courtesy by The State Hermitage Museum

Inspired by Ann's sharing about the first experience at the Arizona church, I had a moment to reflect my first day at the church two and a half years ago. For myself, it was for my daughters who stayed away from the church for a while before we moved to Arizona. We decided not to go to church since we had moved to Delaware during my postdoctoral research. However, I couldn't carry them on my shoulder any more so I chose to attend a church again. It was like a marriage or prodigal son's returning to Father. All my family chose to go to church again and we followed my wife's decision to go to SDA church for the first time. Our life has been changed overnight. Still we belong to Arizona church and we love it!

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