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Wittgenstein said that where you can’t talk, you’d better be silent, -so called Indicibilite-. Artists know that there is really no other way to express their creativity and feeling except through painting. However, if you insist, we have also things to say. For example, we can talk about working for grasping invisible power of reality, and about our works of drawing, reading and listening. I have already published 10 books as an art student, as a Juilliard Music School student and as a writer. 


I use different kinds of art. I enjoyed them all. That’s why my art is fusion art. But paining is my longest and favorite art of all. When I begin painting, it starts with abstraction but it becomes hyperrealism painting, for example,  by putting branches on the canvas or using impasto to deliver the feeling of walking into HD4K video. When you see it, you will not see a mere painting but will see that a story is walking over the canvas. I don’t paint by looking at the nature but I rather paint by listening to The Four Seasons by Vivaldi or to the Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven as I bring Impasto technique on the Canvas which shows my painting style. 


 My paintings, music and my writings read the world.



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