TitleComputer class - How to make a free website in 10 minutes2017-01-30 13:33
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And how to sign up for a free DreamHost account


Did you know our ArizonaSDA.com church website was made for (nearly) free of charge? That's because church is a nonprofit organization according to the 501(c)(3) tax code. Dreamhost is one of the free domain hosting service providers for nonprofit organization https://www.dreamhost.com so it saves hundreds of dollar every year. Just $13.95/year for listing an internet domain http://www.ArizonaSDA.com  Only that it will return to the normal $110/year from the second year. Since there is no labor charge, that is all required to claim a church website!

Well, not so fast because there is steep learning curve with one time off payment for Wordpress theme and Korean style bulletin board, about $100 or so.


First, Wordpress is a website building engine. Our church website is running on Themewall's Church+ theme. Theme is central to the website design that makes a website dynamically respond to the different environments, for example, iOS/Android based smartphones or tablets. It is definitely worth investing $39 for the peace of mind.


Second, Korean style bulletin board is an important part of our homepage (as far as the pastor believes^^*) that powers the social newtwork login functionality. If you have a Kakaotalk or Google+, you can login and write a post or comments in the bulletin board. Interestingly, it is not the bulletin itself but the login capability that requires $59 registration fee. Social login option becomes more and more important to make the internet more and more secure now than ever. 


Now I would like to give you a chance to learn how to build a website at "computer class". Especially, I will introduce a powerful but very simple cloud-based hybrid App project that will transform our church truly "on-line". This computer class will give us a good chance to reach out those who are new to the church. Please invite more people to the computer class for community outreach. Detail schedule and curriculum will be posted in the coming Sabbath.




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